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Acoustic Night at Žvejų Baras (įvykęs renginys)

12483 Data: 2014-03-29 (Šeštadienis)
Laikas: 20:30
Miestas: Klaipėda
Vieta: Žvejų Baras

SNOB Team proudly presents yet another event this semester, all for your pleasure. This time we would like to invite you to an Acoustic Night in one of the oldest bars in Klaipeda for some quality music, cold liquids to soothe your mind and of course good mood.

If you can sing or play an instrument, or even both and are willing to show what you got -- the stage is yours! Just let us know beforehand if you are willing to participate so we can include you in the program.

*While this is an open event and everyone's welcome, please come earlier if you are coming with your friends to find the best places!

Įkelta: 2014-03-28 16:08:04
Atnaujinta: 2014-03-29 07:02:51

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