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Grupės iš Latvijos ART OF KEEPING SECRETS Nemokamas koncertas (įvykęs renginys)

11574 Data: 2014-04-03 (Ketvirtadienis)
Laikas: 20:00
Miestas: Vilnius
Vieta: Vilnius, Lithuania

ART OF KEEPING SECRETS It’s going to be loud. And that’s not a secret.
Art of Keeping Secrets is a rock music union created in 2009 by musicians of variouscharacters and backgrounds. Members of the band have played in punk, hard rock, jazz, hc andalternative rock bands, building up a unique experience which they mix up with fresh ideas tocreate powerful and emotional songs. The energy surrounds you when the band is on the stageand gives it all away for the audience.
AOKS has spent the last years playing gigs and participating in contests. We have played infestivals Piladzis ’11, ’12, Saldus Saule ’11, Knauki ’11, ’12, Positivus ’12, Innerfade SpringFestival, Students’ Paradise – the biggest students’ party in Latvia which takes place in ArenaRiga and Galapagai Roko naktys ’12 in Lithuania. In year 2013 we took a break because ofalbum recording with producer Germanas Skoris, which resulted as fantastic material with 11songs. Album is planned to release in 2014 April!
The most significant contests so far are: Marshall Battle of Bands (semi-finalists),Radio101 Cesu Premium New Music ’11 (semi-finalists;), Sound Divison Rock Battle ’11 (AOKSwas the only finalist from Latvia among bands from the Baltic States), Stage No 1 (finalists),Peavey Rock Battle (winners). No other contests attended.We have played music since chhildhood and put lots of effort in developing ourselves to beable to give the best to the audience. This music has the catch that makes you want to listen, this band has the stage chemistry that makes you want to watch and yet it is only the beginning.
Wewant to experience tours abroad, develop our musical skills, widen band’s point of view andmake Art Of Keeping Secrets’ music and shows more professional, more powerful andunforgettable.
AOKS is:
Oskars Mustermanis – guitar, vocalsMatiss
Veigulis – drumsAgnis
Beitans – bass
Aivars Vaisla – guitar, back vocals

Durys 19h
Pradžia 20h


Įkelta: 2014-02-20 17:04:31
Atnaujinta: 2014-04-03 07:00:16

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