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Metalcore Invasion - Leons Massacre (austria) ir Walls Aheadᵎ (LT) @ Metro (įvykęs renginys)

15372 Data: 2014-11-15 (Šeštadienis)
Laikas: 20:00
Miestas: Vilnius
Vieta: metroclub.lt
Adresas: Pamėnkalnio g. 13

Leons Massacre (mealcore)
LEONS MASSACRE is the name of Austria’s hardcore avant-garde…
…and certainly one of the weirdest combos Europe has to offer! And yet the quintet from Styria doesn’t like to be pegged as fitting any genre: “We simply do, what we like”, is the band’s motto. LEONS MASSACRE stand for a versatile mix of hardcore and nu-metal elements and for a dynamic sound, combining rough shouts and growls, rap parts and catchy clear vocal-refrains with heavy mosh parts – all of it backed up with a full dose of thundering beats and some massive guitar riffing.

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Walls Aheadᵎ (nucore)
Walls Aheadᵎ – as it stands today – was formed somewhere in the middle of 2013. After undergoing several stages of hiatus, losing members and motivation, and, worst of all, – being a pop-punk band for a brief period of time, the members of the band decided to finally get their shit together and commit to becoming a serious project. Walls Ahead! quickly became a collection of influences from various genres: from doom to alternative, from djent to post-metal, forming (through immense pain) what it is now.

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Price: 5 Lt

Įkelta: 2014-11-06 02:01:32
Atnaujinta: 2014-11-15 07:01:37

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