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Bushmills pristato: EMPEROR X [US. electronic-indie-folk] (įvykęs renginys)

15696 Data: 2014-11-28 (Penktadienis)
Laikas: 23:00
Miestas: Vilnius
Vieta: Soul & Pepper Nights
Adresas: Gedimino ave 9

Lapkričio 28 d. penktadienio naktinių koncertų ciklas "Soul & Pepper Nights" tęsia tradiciją pristatyti įdomius muzikantus. Šį kartą svečiuose - netikėtas svečias iš Jungtinių Amerikos Valstijų: EMPEROR X.
Paklausykim: http://emperorx.bandcamp.com/album/the-orlando-sentinel

Emperor X – „Pitchfork“, „NPR Music“, „The Onion“ ir kitų įtakingų žiniasklaidos kanalų dėmesį patraukęs muzikos kūrėjas, aštrių ironiškų tekstų autorius ir altikėjas Chad Matheny iš JAV (tiesa, dabar atlikėjas gyvena Berlyne). Prieš šešiolika metų jis pradėjo kurti gitarines dainas, prieš dešimtmetį, vardan galimybės groti, metė siekį tapti mokslininku, o šiemet savo diskografijoje pridėjo penktąjį albumą „The Orlando Sentinel“. Elektroninės muzikos kūrybos etapas, kuriame vis dar svarbų vaidmenį vaidina ir Chad’o tekstai, pagreitį įgavo pernai beturuojant Vokietijoje, kur Chad susižavėjo naudotu kišeniniu sintezatoriumi „Teenage Engineering OP-1“.

Interviu su atlikėju: http://www.ore.lt/2014/11/emperor-x-kviecia-prasmingai-ir-idomiai-linksmintis

Koncerto pradžia: 24 val.
Įėjimas nemokamas

American science educator-turned-artist Chad Matheny has been recording and performing music under the Emperor X moniker since 1998. Five albums, seven EPs, dozens of globe-spanning Greyhound tours, and his habit of releasing music by burying master tapes at hidden GPS coordinates captured the attention of National Public Radio http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130436918, Salon.com http://www.salon.com/2011/12/24/the_most_underrated_albums_of_2011/singleton/, Pitchfork http://pitchfork.com/artists/1381-emperor-x/, Vice/Noiseyhttp://noisey.vice.com/blog/we-met-chad-matheny-emperor-x-noisey, The Onion http://www.avclub.com/articles/central-hugfriendarmyfractaldunes,10874/, and many other international media outlets. His latest album is 2014's The Orlando Sentinel http://emperorx.bandcamp.com/album/the-orlando-sentinel, which Consequences of Sound http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/07/album-review-emperor-x-the-orlando-sentinel/ called "yet another thrilling entry into what is becoming a radical, challenging, and sometimes baffling discography."

During an extensive European tour schedule to support the mostly-acoustic release Nineteen Live Recordings on the legendary punk label Plan-It-X Records in 2013, Emperor X found himself in a music store Leipzig, Germany, transfixed and unable to put down a used Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer. He bought it on fierce impulse just as the store closed and spent the next year making an off-kilter, songwriter-influenced version of the electronic music he heard every night after his acoustic shows throughout Europe, delving deeper into the dubbed-out, beat-driven sounds of his earlier work and the electronic compositions on 2011's buried Western Teleport Nodes. The project moved into full-fledged EDM territory in early 2014 when Emperor X was booked to perform an improvised live-mix/DJ set alongside Thurston Moore and Sun Kil Moon at Casa da Musica in Porto, Portugal. The product of this new direction for Emperor X is The Orlando Sentinel , an album inspired by and named after the humid, desolate urban sprawl at the center of his home state of Florida.

Matheny performs regularly around the world, bringing his music to art galleries, bars, barns, bookstores, university symposia, college radio stations, and laser tag arenas. Sometimes Matheny employs the aid of a ramshackle, revolving lineup of friends on drone guitars and marimbas; sometimes he uses little more than a shoulder-mounted battery amp and a delay pedal. He's shared stages with indie luminaries like Sebadoh, Nada Surf, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, The Hold Steady, Jeffrey Lewis, and John Vanderslice, who dubbed Matheny "a serious genius" on his photo blog after they toured together.

Matheny's reputation as an audio producer and sound artist is also growing. In 2011 and 2012, a collaborative sound installation work with art photographer Joel Sternfeld appeared throughout Europe in a travelling retrospective exhibition sponsored by Museum Folkswang. He co-helmed the 2008 album Bits by Sub Pop jangle punk mainstays Oxford Collapse alongside Eric Topalski of Don Caballero. He has also been commissioned to compose video soundtrack music for labor unions such as SEIU, non-profit organizations including Planned Parenthood, and commercial projects. He works with several American and international labels including Bar/None Records http://bar-none.com, Burnt Toast Vinylhttp://burnttoastvinyl.com, Plan-It-X Records http;//plan-it-x.com, and most recently the German/American label The Bomber Jacket http;//thebomberjacket.com and the Portuguese/German multimedia collective Mouca http://mouca.net.

Įkelta: 2014-11-26 14:10:32
Atnaujinta: 2014-11-28 07:02:28

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