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What's Next in Music? conference'16 (įvykęs renginys)

22088 Data: 2016-09-02 (Penktadienis)
Laikas: 10:00
Miestas: Vilnius
Vieta: Corner Hotel, Vilnius
Adresas: T.Ševčenkos g. 16, LT-03111 Vilnius, Lietuva

„What's Next in Music?“ conference welcomes everyone and free of charge, however, registration of participants is needed. It can be done here: goo.gl/esuhBl


10:00 Registration.
11:00 Introduction by Viktoras Diawara, Vaidas Stackevičius.
11:10 Top 5 cases in association with music industry
Speakers: Saulius Baradinskas, Žygimantas Kudirka-MC Mesijus. Moderator: Živilė Diavara.
11:50 Stage presence and artist image.
Speakers: Beissoul, Erica Jennings, Algirdas Kaušpėdas. Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys.
12:30 Break.
13:10 Aproaching International Showcase Festivals
Speakers: Adam Ryan (The Great Escape), Matjaž Manček (Ment Festival Ljublijana), Robert Singerman (SyncSummit, Mondo.NYC, Canadian Music Week). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys.
13:50 What's next for Lithuanian festivals?
Speakers: Marius Tumšys (Karklė Live Music Beach), Viktoras Diawara (Loftas Fest), Algirdas Barniškis-Blėka (Roko naktys, Bliuzo naktys, Galapagai). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys.
14:30 Break.
14:50 Composing for Film and TV
Speaker: Jean Paul Wall (Music Factory Sweden). Moderator: Lauras Lučiūnas.
15:30 Music and the Movies
Speaker: Nis Bøgvad (Copenhagen Film Music). Moderator: Lauras Lučiūnas.
16:30 Tips on how to push your music onto big screen
Speakers: Nis Bøgvad, Jean Paul Wall, Dovydas Bluvšteinas, Donatas Ulvydas. Moderator: Mark Adam Harold.
17:00 End.

10:00 Registration.
11:00 Music digital distribution in Eastern Europe. Best practices
Speaker: Olya Moldavskaya (The Orchard). Moderator: Tomas Paliūnas
11:50 Indie music managment
Speakers: Katia Giampaolo, Pasco Pezzillo (Joy Cut). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys.
12:30 Xylo - Shoot. Mix. Share.
Speaker: Ethan Jordan, Robert Ingvarsson. Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys.
13:10 Break.
14:00 Music Production
Speaker: Bernard Löhr (Music Factory).
14:40 Monetizing music and engaging fans through exhibiting lyrics and lyric translations in search, streaming discovery and other new ways
Speaker: Robert Singerman (LyricFind). Moderator: Mark Adam Harold.
15:20 Break.
15:40 Demo Listening Session
Speakers: Nis Bogvad (Copenhagem Film), Bernard Lohr (Music Factory), Adam Ryan (The Great Escape), Matjaž Manček (Ment), Robert Singerman (LyricFind). Moderator: Ramūnas Zilnys.
16:40 End.

What is the fate of rapidly diminishing Lithuanian festivals, what Europe knows about Lithuanian music world and how Lithuanians can become more desirable for the world‘s grand music scenes – these are the questions which will be answered by many European music professionals in the beginning of September in Vilnius. They all will gather for the international music industry innovations and opportunities conference „What’s Next in Music?“ organized for the second year.

„What's Next in Music?“ conference this year takes place on the 2-3 September, at the urban music and art festival „Loftas Fest“. It is organized by Lithuanian music business association, which rallied Lithuanian music industry professionals, and art factory „Loftas“.

This year‘s conference is dedicated to music sales, fan attraction, showcase festival’s themes, it will cover music band‘s image widely speaking and on the stage, also - music creativity process specificities, opportunities for the Lithuanian artists in the foreign market and even more frequently discussed music festivals tendencies and their future in Lithuania.

The conference „What's Next in Music?“ will be completed with the bands‘ demo records listening session. The representatives of the music companies, managers and agents, festivals organizers and other European professionals from the music industry will listen and assess new bands‘ records. Advices and insights from the professionals can be not only very useful but also the new beginning – to get in some European festival or even in the horizon of some huge record label.

Records for this audition can be sent by everybody. The best song has to be sent via email info@menufabrikas.lt, and the name of the field indicated as „WNM DEMO“.

This year, the one and only urban music and art festival in Lithuania „Loftas Fest“ will take place on 2-3 September, at the art factory „Loftas“, in Vilnius.

More information: www.loftasfest.lt

Įkelta: 2016-08-23 02:00:08
Atnaujinta: 2016-09-02 07:00:52

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