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Streak and the Raven@PoGo Šiauliai (įvykęs renginys)

8703 Data: 2013-10-26 (Šeštadienis)
Laikas: 23:00
Miestas: Šiauliai
Vieta: POGO baras Šiauliai
Adresas: Vilniaus g. 128

"In february 2013, Streak and the Raven released their full length debut album titled Love & War. After good reviews, single releases, music videos and a pack of good shows at home soil in Finland, it's time to take the show abroad. Streak and the Raven are touring in Baltic wonderland in late october.
In Streak and the Raven's music, you can hear echoes from childhood's discos and tv-series, some primitive buzz and balanced AOR-guitars. The band's minimalistic and synth-driven sound bursts into neon-flashy flames just when you least expect it. When playing live, the band combines fierce and aggressive sounds with beautiful vocal lines and harmonies. Both dancing and destruction are expected to be present.

Kaina: 8Lt.

Įkelta: 2013-10-23 20:39:31
Atnaujinta: 2013-10-26 07:00:54

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